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3rd Annual

Mobile Payments Latin America Summit

3-4 December 2013, Ritz Carlton, Coconut Grove, Miami

Accelerate the adoption of mobile payments to increase value with your customers and create new revenues from digital transactions


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Do business with Bank of America, Grupo Bimbo, Antad, Banco Davivienda, Banco Credito de Bolivia and MasterCard register today

  • Extend mobile wallet services to banked customers: Deepen relationships with your customers to increase digital transactions and drive new revenues from advanced banking products, value added services, loyalty, couponing, offers and data
  • Connect and monetise the unbanked: Understand how to build a mobile financial network across the region and how your business can capitalise from this within the regulatory landscape
  • Construct a collaborative ecosystem: Partner with banks, mobile operators, merchants, agents and regulators and ensure a sustainable mobile payments future
  • Create acceptance through merchant adoption and agent networks: Deliver value propositions for consumer facing businesses to kick start a mobile transaction revolution
  • Drive consumer adoption: Implement effective marketing strategies across the different customer demographics you are targeting in order to educate and build trust in your products

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The biggest industry names, tackling the most important issues you face

Telefonica, Visa, Scotiabank, IBM, Banamex/Citibank, Western Union, AirPak, Pag Seguro, Movil Red, MicroSave, Banorte, Digicel, American Express among others will provide you with;

  • Everything you need to know to drive adoption across different consumer demographics
  • Expert insight into the future of digital money in cash societies
  • The secrets to success in creating mobile payments acceptance networks across retailers and agents
  • Crucial understanding of each ecosystem player so you can create collaborative partnerships within regulatory constraints

Mobile Payments Latin America 2013 offers a unique opportunity to to best fulfil your industry ambitions and position yourself as a big player in 2014.

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Create new Partnerships

Attending Mobile Payments Latin America will be CEO’s, VP’s and Directors from banks, mobile networks, retailers, payment providers, wallet companies and tech disruptors including: Wal-Mart, Banco Davivienda, Bank of America, Visa, MasterCard, Scotiabank, Banamex, Banorte, Digicel, Telefonica, Grupo Bimbo, Banco de Credito de Bolivia and many more.

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The time is now for mobile payments

The Latin American market is moving fast and 2014 will be the year for mobile payments across all population demographics. With 742 mn mobile subscriptions and mobile penetration at 100%, mobile has the unique ability to digitalise payments. By 2016 one in every 2 phones sold will be a smart phone, allowing the services around these payments to become increasingly sophisticated. Today the technology exists, the regulators want it to happen and banks and mobile operators are collaborating to roll out services across the region.

After years of timid investment, 2013 saw the industry moving at a rate that no one could have predicted. Considerable investment from the biggest global companies, Visa, MasterCard, Citi, Scotiabank, HSBC, Telefonica and American Movil, alongside clever moves from regional players; Bancolombia, Tigo, Banamex, Digicel, Movil Red and Davienda/DaviPlata, has kick started the market.

These businesses know mobile payments are the solution to cash and are investing to drive revenues through interchange fees, microfinance, new banking customers and value added services. Now is the time to invest so you are not left behind. Attend the Mobile Payments Latin America Summit and hear directly from these players so that you can prepare your business for the future landscape.

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Challenges remain in the face of growth

Despite investment, mobile payments are still low in volume and cash continues to dominate the region. Genuine value propositions need to exist for consumers, agents and retailers in order for adoption and acceptance to happen. Until this value exists, banks, FI’s, payment providers, mobile operators, wallet providers and retailers won’t increase profitability through digital efficiencies, value added services, microfinance and interchange fees.

Get the business critical information you need to drive your mobile payments business forward

So how do you make consumers, agents and retailers drastically shift their behaviour and move from cash to mobile transactions? You gather together the industry leaders, who have been tasked with solving this question for the last five years and learn from their cumulative insight. Once you have the most valuable market research at your disposal you can then use this to create products that will be accepted and adopted across different consumer demographics, agents and retailers in 2014.

To access the information your business needs to succeed, and to learn from Telefonica, Visa, MasterCard, Citi/Banamex and Banorte register today

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