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The Mobile Wallet Summit 6th – 7th November 2013, London Regents Park Marriott

A killer two day agenda, built to address all those critical issues...

Day OneDay Two

Wednesday 6th -  Day 1 CONFERENCE PROGRAM

9.00-9.15 Welcome and Introduction

Jane Adams, Head Of Marketing, Consult Hyperion

Aoife Gaffney, VP Payments, M For Mobile

9.15-9.35 Keynote: The New Kid On The Block: Yapital and the Idea of a Real Cross Channel Payment

  • Why mobile is not enough to succeed
  • How Yapital touches the impulse to buy
  • How to turn marketing channels into sales channels

Neil Scoble, Managing Director, Yapital

9.35-10.35 Loyalty – the Ultimate Driver for the Mobile Wallet?

  • Assess how loyalty and couponing can be used to drive customer adoption of the mobile wallet
  • Learn how to make your solution more convenient and usable through auto redemption at the POS and offering a benefit for use
  • Analyse the different mobile wallet solutions which enable loyalty schemes, and find out which are likely to survive

Katie Lips, Global Mobile Strategy Director, Aimia

Jorgen Selfors, Mobey Forum

Bede Feltham, VP Payments & Loyalty, Ensygnia

Jochen Freese, Managing Director, Easycash Loyalty Solutions

Tristan Brandt, Digital Director, Aviva


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11.05-11.35 Interoperability – Striving Towards the Universal Mobile Wallet

  • Learn what is needed to build a mobile wallet that can cross country and continental borders
  • Explore the ways to link mobile wallet solutions together to offer a seamless user experience for mobile users
  • Tackling the lack of standardization and interoperability  between countries and providers to ensure convenient and cost-effective solutions

Paul Jolivet, Head of Standards and Advanced Technology, LG Electronics

11.35-12.00 Monitise mCommerce - the opportunity for banks is now: 

  • Is the Mobile Banking application extensible in a Mobile Wallet context?
  • What is the appetite from consumers?
  • The opportunity for banks
  • ‘Winning Formula’ for mCommerce entry – smart partnering

Sunil Gossain, SVP Business Development, Monitise

12.00-12.25 The Mobile Wallet Tipping Point: A Threshold Reached Through Loyalty Program Success

  • Early adopters have come on board, but yet mobile wallets still struggle to gain popular consumer acceptance. 
  • The enabling mechanism that will fundamentally alter how consumers think about shopping and transacting on the go and how merchants view (mobile) payments. 
  • Breaking down the barriers between merchants, consumers and third-party program designers.
  • The union of loyalty programs with mobile wallets – utilizing the right technology and why loyalty programs make mobile wallet sense, namely for their consumer engagement opportunities, ease of use and widespread ubiquity. 

Geoff Kent, VP Platform Partnership, Points


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13.55-14.40 Evaluate the Level of Fragmentation and discover the Opportunities for Collaboration

  • How to identify the collaborations which are necessary to drive the mobile wallet forward
  • Expert analysis on how many solutions can exist, and where convergence will happen
  • The right way to form joint ventures – to build credibility, gain distribution and share knowledge between partners

Jaime Abril, Principal Manager Mobile Financial Services & NFC Services, Vodafone

John Van Der Heyden, Payments Project Manager, BNP Paribas

Niki Akhurst, Global Sales Director - Prepaid, Western Union

Paul Jolivet, Head of Standards and Advanced Technology, LG Electronics

Karen O'Donnell, Lead Associate Banking Sector & Themes Unit, FCA

14.40-15.05 Klarna Checkout and the mobile revolution

  • Klarna's Executive Vice President of Sales will present Klarna's solution to mobile payments

Mikael Wintzell, Executive Vice President of Sales, Nordics & International, Klarna AB

15.05-15.50 Practical Marketing Steps to Increase Consumer Awareness and Boost Adoption

  • How you can educate consumers on the options available, to ensure the wallet is brought to mainstream
  • Learn why you must introduce a common definition of the wallet for consumers, and the industry itself. 
  • Recognise the consumer proposition; how to convey the benefits of the mobile wallet to through an effective marketing campaign

Greg Ohm, EMEA Merchant Acquiring and Emerging Payments Head, Citi

Neil Scoble, Managing Director, Yapital

Harm Jan Arendshorst, Head of Identity & Privacy Services EMEA, Verizon


16.20-16.40 Experience counts; Hear PT’s Vision, Strategy and Lessons Learned

  • PT’s vision on how to build a truly digital wallet with all the necessary functionalities that will allow it to substitute today’s physical wallet
  • How to pick the right technology and develop a user-friendly, state-of-the-art app (e.g. SMS vs. QR Code vs. NFC vs. USSD)
  • Innovative ways to complement mobile payments with targeted marketing, loyalty, P2P and chip & pin solutions

 Tiago Silva Lopes, Director, Portugal Telecom

16.40-17.00 Emerging trends in mobile retail and m-commerce

  • Insights into mobile shopper behaviours on-the-go and in-store
  • Know who they are, what they purchase and how much they spend
  • Understand the opportunity to engage and build customer loyalty via mobile payment channels.

Hesham Al-Jehani, Product Manager Mobile, comScore

17.00-19.00 Drinks Sponsored By:

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Day OneDay TwoTop

Thursday 7th -  Day 2 CONFERENCE PROGRAM

9.00.-9.15 Defining the Mobile Wallet

  • Find out what the industry consensus on a mobile wallet is, and what types exist at present
  • An expert overview into the mobile wallet landscape, and trends to look out for in the future
  • Practical information on what opportunities there are for companies looking to capitalise on the mobile wallet
  • An overview on the services and that can be incorporated at present and what wallet solutions exist today.

David Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion

9.15-9.30 An Expert Guide to Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

  • Clear the confusion over compliance and find out how the Directive of Payment Services will affect the mobile wallet

    Marina Solin, Regulatory Project Director, GSMA

9.30-10.30 The Mobile Wallet - A Retail Perspective

  • Hear the challenges and opportunities from retailers who have integrated a mobile wallet into their payments strategy
  • Discover exactly what retailers are looking for from a mobile wallet solution and find out the problems that they need to be solved
  • Lean from retail experts how to exploit the mobile wallet to fully engage users and increase customer loyalty

Eric Bourgeois, Sr Director Design Studio, McDonald's Europe

Samantha Yarwood, Marketing Director, EMEA, Starbucks

Polly Howden, Mobile Product, eBay

Corrine Moulin, Director of Banking Strategy Group, Carrefour Group

Richard Braham,Head of Payments, British Retail Consortium

10.30-10.50 The Future is Real Time

Justin Basini, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Zapp


11.20-11.40 An Expert Guide to Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

  • How best to address the various anti-competition issues and financial regulations when entering the mobile wallet arena
  • An expert insight into how the existing regulatory framework is applied to the ever evolving technological  capabilities of the mobile wallet

Kristina Barbov, Regulatory Counsel, EE

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11.40-12.10 The TIM Wallet - A Virtual Wallet On Your Smartphone

  • The TIM Wallet at GSMA NFC & Mobile Money Summit, Milan 22-25 October 2012, exploring the full wallet experience trial
  • Examining the TIM Wallet Today: up-to-the-minute details on the service on the market now
  • Looking forward to the TIM Wallet Tomorrow: identify key business trends and put them to use immediately
  • Learn about the EXPO 2015 Smart City App and the new model for the city of the future 

Barbara Rinero, Director, Senior TLC System Development ResearcherTelecom Italia

12.10-12.40 Bringing Mobile Commerce to Belgium'Merchants and Consumers

  • Find out about the joint project of BNP Paribas Fortis and Belgacom, intended to create a complete, convenient and secure shopping experience, directly integrated in the merchants’ apps.
  • Get the facts on the partner’s vision of integrated mobile payments platform and the key components of the ecosystem they’re building
  • Learn from our experts as they detail the business model, the project status, achievements and challenges as well as the long-term perspective

John Van Der Heyden, Payments Project Manager, BNP Paribas


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14.15-14.45 Exploring mobile wallet strategic options for banks - on the road to developing an engagement strategy for mobile payments and the mobile wallet

  • ‘Easy way to pay’ not enough to drive mass-market adoption – redefining the shopping experience
  • Where to play? Three roles the bank is capable of assuming in the mobile wallet ecosystem
  • How to win? Determining the strategic options and mapping the real life examples

Amir Tabakovic, Head of Market Development, PostFinance

 14.45-15.30 Expert Business Models 

  • Get to grips with business models which are in place today, and look forward to what is likely to exist in the future
  • Analyse the actual risk for disintermediation of traditional players, and where the opportunities lie
  • Listen to a detailed analysis of the current ecosystem, and discover how to compete with the main players so you can get a slice of the mobile wallet pie.

Anthony Pickup, Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Jiří Vítek, Head of NFC and Financial services Strategy and Financial Services,Telefónica Czech Republic, a.s.

Amir Tabakovic, Head of Market Development, PostFinance

Tiago Silva Lopes, Director, Portugal Telecom

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 15.30-15.50 The Golden Equation for Proximity Mobile Wallets: Convenience, Privacy and Security 

  • Mobile wallets are a good candidate for a payment technology. But what are the real usages of mobile phone at a point of sales : information and research or transactional functions?
  • Discover how to unlock mobile payment by delivering fast, convenient transactions demanded by merchants by seamlessly combining the capabilities for payment and services. 

Pierre Antonio, Business Development Manager, Natural Security

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 15.50-16.00 Closing Remarks

  • Jane Adams, Head Of Marketing, Consult Hyperion


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