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Expert analysis on contactless payments initiatives, market drivers, consumer adoption and activity forecasts to transform and execute your Global Contactless Payments Strategy

Industry leaders interviewed from:
Alcatel Lucent Barclaycard McDonalds Nokia Orange Starbucks

This report will provide the following analysis:

  • Consumer adoption: Proprietary data comparing the most important hurdles and drivers to adoption from consumers in the UK and USA
  • Global innovation: Analysis of contactless payments initiatives being brought to market, their lessons learnt and success factors
  • Consumer engagement strategies: Understand the extent to which discounts and increased contactless payments would impact consumer's mobile and banking choices
  • Business planning: Identify the challenges facing stakeholders in contactless payments, including security, control of data and retailer acceptance
  • Forecasts: Expert opinion and consumer data on the likely development of the sector, including the mobile wallet and unbanked
  • Case Studies: Market leaders in retail, telecommunications and financial services share their experiences of integrating NFC technology

Benefit from reading pivotal case-studies about what has worked and what hasn't:

We understand that detailed case studies from the heart of the NFC industry can help companies overcome challenges such as Consumer adoption and engagement strategies. The 5+ case studies include:

  • Metropolitan Transport Authority, New York
  • Google Wallet
  • Starbucks
  • Stagecoach and Everything Everywhere
  • McDonalds

Who will benefit from purchasing the report?

  • Strategy Professionals: Insights into the forecasted development of NFC from industry experts and surveyed executives, focusing on the timeline, obstacles and resources committed to NFC
  • Consumer Insights professionals: Proprietary data on UK/USA consumer pain points when considering NFC, contactless payments and the mobile wallet
  • Product Development Professionals: Case studies from a range of stakeholders, including their insights into how their products and customer propositions have developed
  • Business Development / Marketing professionals: Understand how partners and peers are innovating, as well as a distilled, nuanced analysis of the payments landscape in the years ahead

Don't just rely on us: Hear what your industry colleagues and thought leaders have said about the report...

“ I recommend the Global Contactless Payments Report 2012-2013 as a comprehensive synopsis of the current market. MforMobile have incorporated relevant internal research that captures the key issues relating to user readiness for service adoption and highlights what still needs to be done around customer education. The report covers all of the current industry dynamics and is forthright in addressing the importance of the retail sector to mass adoption as well as highlighting current barriers impacting this sector. Will the NFC industry achieve its tipping point? Read the report and make your decision! ”


John Garden | NFC Programme Delivery Director Europe | Orange

“ The MforMobile Global Contactless Payments Report 2012-2013 not only provides an in-depth analysis of the NFC and Mobile Payments market as it stands today but does a deep dive on the critical success factors required to ignite mass adoption of this new paradigm shift in payments.  It includes targeted use cases from all over the world where lessons learned have been garnered, outlines the steps needed to maximize return on investment and showcases key pain points for consumer and merchant adoption.  I recommend it for all members of the mobile payments ecosystem. ”

Daniel Csoka | CEO | Mobile Money Matters

“ Mformobile’s Global Contactless Payments Report 2012-2013 puts together the most current status of the contactless payment industry with their own research among consumers and industry executives. This comprehensive view is complemented by comparisons with the most important non-NFC solutions to give decision makers a substantive amount of information needed to steer their companies through the uncharted NFC geography. The reports clearly supports many of the expectations about NFC in mobiles, but takes into account alternatives which might be of particular importance to find the right timing for an NFC roll-out or that of a bridging technology. Whoever is considering to participate in or react to the NFC industry’s evolution should have a deep look into this report. ”

Jörg Heuer | Research & Innovation Director Payment & Transactions|

Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Deutsche Telekom AG

“ Although NFC technology is sometimes seen as past due and several new services like Square's 'cardcase' and the introduction of biometrics on mobiles may already have shown us what may await us after the mass adoption of NFC on mobile phones, today's emerging NFC and Secure Element ecosystems are already far more complex than the usual reports and news may make you think it to be. Finally a report that touches beyond the surface and is able to […] help you to understand the dynamics, possibilities, separates fact from fiction, and really focus on what we all want to focus on: NFC payments. A report that any Financial Executive and Consultant should read.”

Joost Reijnen | Product Manager Mobile Solutions | Bell ID

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