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2nd Annual NFC Payments USA 2012 New dates just announced – December 10-11, The Revere, Boston

Two Days of Thought-Provoking Debate and Expert Insight from Banks, MNOs and Retailers.

Find the latest agenda here covering the hottest topics the industry is talking about from the biggest and most influential speakers in the industry.

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Day One Day Two

DAY 1: 9.00am - 7.00pm

Chairman's Welcome 9.00am-9.10am

 Dekkers Davidson, Head - Mobile Commerce Business, Barclaycard

Keynote Presentation: 9.10am - 9.45am

Effective Methods For Using NFC for Revenue Growth

  • Avoid the irrational spending of the ‘dot-com’ era by utilizing NFC payments and consumer-engagement programmes
  • Discover how NFC devices will enhance consumer engagement for merchants and ultimately drive more sales            
  • Drill down into how NFC-supported programs will change the way merchants turn inventory
  • Assessing the risk: The cost of testing NFC-enabled programs vs. not testing

David W. Schropfer, Partner and Chief Analyst of Mobile CommerceThe Luciano Group and author of 'The Smartphone Wallet'

Presentation: 9.45am -10.15am

Be a Step Ahead of the Game:  Monetizing NFC

  • Maximize your profits and make accurate predictions of when your ROI will be delivered
  • Experience an exclusive update on the initiatives MasterCard are rolling out in 2012 and how they exist ‘live’ in the ecosystem
  • Examine the risks and the rewards of NFC payments and how to protect your bottom line

Jess Turner, VP – Senior Business Leader, MasterCard

Presentation: 10.15am -10.45am

Consumer Centric Approach to Enabling Mobile Payments

  • Examine the multiple benefits of NFC Payments for the consumer, solution providers, and service operators and discover how you can implement these benefits into your own strategy
  • Discover how to present secure personalization and issuance anywhere for varying issuance models
  • Explore the most effective ways of utilizing NFC without it’s constraints

Amitaabh Malhotra, COO & Co-Founder, DeviceFidelity 
Alyssa Arrendondo, Manager - Financial Vertical Markets, Datacard Group



Networking Coffee Break  10.45am -11.15am

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Panel Discussion: 11.15am - 12.15am

Turn Potential to Profit and Fully Monetize NFC Payments

  • Compare and contrast various NFC business models in terms of ROI, longevity, winners and losers
  • Expert analysis of business models used in on-going NFC initiatives 
  • Secure your competitive advantage through NFC:  Assess the full ROI for NFC payments as well NFC’s proximity profit potential
  • Explore the role of NFC in the enhanced retail experience and what this means for banks, MNOs and retailers

Moderator:  Jane Cloninger, Edgar Dunn & Co

Jess Turner, VP – Senior Business Leader, MasterCard
Stephanie Swain, Senior Director Financial Services, Best Buy
Brian Bell, Strategic Development - Mobile Commerce and Mobile Payments, T-Mobile
Derek Colfer, Business Leader, Global Mobile Product InnovationVISA

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Lunch and Networking Break 12.15pm - 1.45pm

Keynote Presentation:  1.45pm - 2.15pm

Failure to Launch – Discover Why Mobile Wallets are Slow Getting Off the Ground

  • Explore the key solutions customers are looking for in a mobile-payment solution and why more of these are not migrating to NFC
  • Discover what non-NFC alternatives are gaining momentum and why
  • Investigate how the model changes when factoring in the merchant/retailer as a customer too
  • Separating the wheat from the chaff: In a world of (too much) choice, learn how to differentiate your product through understanding how consumers will make their choices

David Grigg, SVP Payments Innovation and Strategy, Bank of America

Presentation:  2.15pm - 2.45pm

Verizon’s Insight on Mass Adoption and The Mobile Wallet

  • Uncover the potential of the mobile wallet and how to accomplish mass adoption
  • An essential update on security and the fundamental issues of three crucial stakeholders – the Mobile Carrier, the Bank and the Service provider
  • Overcome key barriers and disruptive influences which are preventing mass adoption

Sarab Sokhey, Senior Executive, Verizon Wireless

Presentation: 2.45pm - 3.15pm

Unlocking Mass Adoption Through Mobile Banking

  • Examine the vital pre-conditions for mass adoption under the microscope and how to make sure your environment is prepared for NFC success
  • Investigate which key functionality CIBC believes is in the driving seat of mass adoption
  • Explore how mobile banking and mobile payments are inextricably-linked and CIBC’s initiatives to fuel customer adoption of this

 Todd Roberts, SVP Payments Innovation, CIBC

Networking Coffee Break  3.15pm - 3.45pm


Case-Study:  3.45pm - 4.15pm

PayPal’s Thought Processes and How To Make the Most Out of Mobile Payments

  • Explore the PayPal Wallet by delving deeper into the physical Point of Sales and the initiatives of deployment with large Retailers and in the US worldwide
  • Experience PayPal’s perspective on NFC and why they affirm it is “Not For Commerce”
  • Examine PayPal’s technology-agnostic approach and discover at what point they decide to leverage technologies

Damien Balsan, Director Ecosystem Partnerships Point of Sale Unit, PayPal

Panel Debate: 4.15pm - 5.00pm

Go One Step Further to Identify Your Role in Boosting Mass Adoption

  • Explore your consumers’ psyche:  Discover what they really want – and think – about NFC Payments, and understand what you need to do to ensure they simply can’t resist it
  • Security issues:  Address the differing points of view and needs of  banks, MNOs, merchants and – of course – consumers:  What still needs to happen to make everyone feel confident the obstacles have been overcome?
  • Simplicity, seamlessness and added value:  How do you make sure NFC payments are the most convenient option – and create the essential added value that makes people want to use it?
  • Lessons Learned - Why did Google Wallet fail to gain mass adoption? Important lessons learned, including disruptive influences, and who in the ecosystem is in the best position to drive adoption

Sarab Sokhey, Senior Executive, Verizon 
Todd Roberts, SVP Payments Innovation, CIBC 
David Grigg, SVP Payments Innovation and Strategy, Bank of America
Marc Keller, Global Director of Digital Networks and Mobile, Citigroup

Presentation: 5.00pm - 5.30pm

Global Lessons in NFC - What Worked and What Didn’t

  • Experience case-studies on Europe and Asia and the initiatives you can weave in to your own business model
  • Learn where on the timeline the US is with NFC Payments compared with Europe and Asia - and what to expect next
  • Examine how the international ecosystems are work together and identify international opportunities which could benefit you!

Marc Keller, Global Director of Digital Networks and Mobile, Citigroup

Networking Drinks 5.30pm - 7.00pm

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DAY TWO 9.00am - 3.30pm

Presentation: 9.00am - 9.30am

Discuss NFC’s Peer Technologies and Reveal the Pros and Cons and Longevity of Each

  • Weigh NFC against alternative types of mobile payment for the insight to keep you ahead of the game
  • Explore the payment methods which can exist and evolve together, and the ones which can’t
  • Discover how NFC – used to it’s full potential - can secure your competitive advantage
  • Witness an exciting LIVE demonstration showcasing the most innovative Mobile Payment Technologies TO DATE: Mobile PIN Debit, EMV and NFC Payments

Oscar Munoz, EVP and SVP International Business Development, Charge Anywhere

Panel Discussion: 9.30am - 10.30am

Compare and Contrast The Prospects for NFC Payments and Rival Solutions

  • Dissect and evaluate NFC vs. Cloud-based payments vs. Retailer-specific wallets vs. EMV vs. other forms of mobile payment
  • Stripped and exposed: Hear from experts who advocate other methods of mobile payments – and why
  • Debate the longevity, the profitability, the seamlessness and the simplicity:  Establish which solution is most attractive to the consumer now and how might this change as the market matures
  • Analyze retailer-specific wallets through observing who in the ecosystem is involved, who will benefit and who will lose out

Moderator:  Dekkers Davidson, Head of Mobile Commerce Business, Barclaycard 

Damien Balsan, Director Ecosystem Partnerships Point of Sale Unit, PayPal 
Oscar Munoz, EVP and SVP International Business Development, Charge Anywhere 
Bob Egan, Enterprise Mobile Strategist,The Sepharim Group

Networking Coffee Break 10.30 - 11.00


Presentation: 11.00am - 11.30am

Digital Wallets’ Impact on the Commerce Journey

  • Explore use cases that will change consumer behavior and that will drive adoption of digital wallets
  • Discuss factors in the current ecosystem that can encourage (and possibly discourage) ubiquity of digital wallets
  • Explore digital wallet products and services that will delight consumers and merchants to drive adoption on both sides

Denise Leonhard, Director, Enterprise Growth Strategy, AMEX


Presentation: 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Dynamic Insight to Maximize Your Knowledge  on Standardization, Future Technologies and The Growth of the Ecosystem

  • Discussion on the opportunities NFC global standardization from an end-user perspective
  • Uncover the ‘Halo Effect’ in driving NFC forward; facts and stats on how NFC will exist in ecosystem with peer technologies such as Bluetooth
  • Examine why communication between the members of the ecosystem is essential to drive NFCs other applications
  • Experience innovative initiatives on how to expand even further that the current ecosystem

Neil Shah, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics

Lunch and Networking Break 12.30pm - 1.45pm

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Presentation:1.45pm - 2.15pm

Key Misconceptions in Mobile Payments

  • Explore the opportunities and threats introduced by mobile payments
  • Compare the value proposition of NFC with the value proposition of other forms of mobile payments
  • Utilize powerful expert advice for forging greater cross-industry cooperation to expand the mobile payments ecosystem

Michael Niczyporuk, Director Digital Strategy, Capital One

Panel Debate:  2.15pm - 3.15pm

The NFC Payments Ecosystem - How Will Shifting Alignments Affect the Future, the Market – and Your Own Business?

  • Discuss the benefits of placing all your ‘NFC eggs’ in one basket, and whether you should spread your risk instead
  • Evaluate NFC’s ‘long-term’ future vs a limited lifespan,  and how you can future-proof your business
  • Learn more about new entrants and start-ups and their plans in the payments space
  • Explore the future of NFC and the likeliness of a seamless, frictionless NFC payments product and a central TSM
  • Discover how key players can shape the future by understanding the potential outcomes of NFC payments should the ecosystem take an unpredictable path

Moderator:  John Shuster, Senior Analyst, VDC Research

Neil Shah, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics
Denise Leonhard, Director, Enterprise Growth Strategy, AMEX
Michael Niczyporuk, Director Digital Strategy, Capital One
David W. Schropfer, Partner and Chief Analyst of Mobile Commerce, The Luciano Group and author of 'The Smartphone Wallet'

Closing Presentation 3.15pm - 3.30pm


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