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Mobile is Changing the Shopping Experience:

Read this 18 page smartbrief and find out specifically how NFC, RFID and Augmented Reality are being used for Engagement and Marketing in a Retail Environment


This smartbrief is invaluable for anyone wishing to know more about the opportunities that NFC, AR, RFID and other technologies represent from an in-store customer loyalty, sales and marketing perspective.   

By reading this smartbrief you will learn:

  • Discover how these technologies are being used in practice by retailers right now
  • Find out how retailer and tech providers perceive these technologies
  • The hurdles that the market needs to overcome in order for them to proliferate beyond their current niche
  • Plus, you’ll get real-life case-studies on the NFC Smartposters from Vox Cinemas in Dubai and Orange Wednesdays in the UK

The smartbrief is broken down into 4 key easy-to-read areas:

Each technology will be discussed in a chapter each to allow you to examine closely how they help to maximize the benefits that they offer customers and retailers alike.  What’s more is that they are proven technologies that work in real-life commercial practice.

  1. Going Beyond Inventory Management: Using RFID For Marketing
  2. Using NFC To Drive Marketing and Loyalty…Not Just Payments
  3. Making Augmented Reality Real to Consumers
  4. How these technologies can be used for Price Comparison and Gift Lists

The 18 page smartbrief also includes insights from The Mobile Marketing Association, Virgin Holidays, 2Ergo; Telefonica Germany, Narian Technologies and Proxama.  And it’s only just been released (June 2012) so it provides an up-to-date information, simply not available anywhere else. 

Download the smartbrief now and get a vital breakdown of the three major mobile technologies changing retail.

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