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Win BIG in the Mobile Retail Revolution: Deliver the mobile technologies and enhanced services your customers are demanding

Mobile Engagement in Retail brings together North America’s leading tech companies, service providers, agencies and senior retail decision makers to meet the partners they need, exploit the technology, and create a new generation of engaged, loyal – and profitable – shoppers.

A massive business opportunity for retailers and technology providers to deliver a positive omni-channel shopping experience is within easy reach. 

Mobile Engagement in Retail is the event that shows you how to turn opportunity into billion-dollar reality. 

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Come and shape the future of retail:

  • Develop bespoke mobile solutions that leverage scanning, payments and proximity – and create a holistic consumer experience across all in-store touch-points
  • Build mobile services that drive footfall through push marketing, proximity-based advertising and promotions and enable retailers to triumph in the face of showrooming
  • Go beyond one-way interaction from QR codes and create services that facilitate genuine two-way engagement by utilizing NFC, promotions and in-store check-ins
  • Integrate consumer interactions with visual displays, POS and individual actions to track and analyze consumer behavior and send messages that are more personalized than ever before
  • Align technologies to retailer objectives to identify immediate solutions and pinpoint the next wave of demand
  • Deploy NFC, Location Based Services and RFID to recognize consumers, increase loyalty, generate bigger baskets – and make a huge impact on your bottom line

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Mobile Engagement in Retail is the one-stop show where America’s most forward-thinking retail executives join forces with cutting edge technology companies, service providers and marketing agencies to shape the mobile future of retail – and cash in on this fundamental change to the way people want to shop.

We’ve heard so much about showrooming.  About the vast amounts of revenue that are being ‘stolen’ from bricks-and-mortar stores by their price-cutting online rivals.  But that’s just one small part of a vibrant new picture.

The truth is that the rise and rise of smartphone shopping is a fantastic chance for the retailers of America to engage with their customers – and increase footfall –  like never before. 

Mobile Engagement in Retail: Where mobile technology companies, service providers and retailers join forces to pinpoint solutions that are pertinent, powerful and mutually profitable.

You’ll hear from over 25 top speakers such as:
  • Al Callier, VP Strategic Innovation & Emerging Technology, Universal Orlando
  • Rosie Riolino-Serpa, AVP Digital, Canadian Tire
  • Rachel Davis, Senior Manager – Digital Marketing Promotions, Office Depot
  • BJ Emerson, VP of Technology, Tasti D-Lite
  • Daniel Israel, Strategy Lead for Mobile and Multi-Channel, SapientNitro
  • Tina Unterlaender, Director Mobile, AKQA Mobile
  • Amber Case, CEO, Geoloqi
  • Emily Murphy, Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Emilio Matt, Business Development Director, Microsoft Corporation
  • Sirpa Norlund, Executive Director, Mobey Forum - NEW!
  • Dr. Phil Hendrix, Director, immr - NEW!
  • Ed Knudson, EVP Sales and Marketing, Digimarc - NEW!
  • Ed Busby, Chief Commerce Officer, Isis
  • Tricia Nichols, Global Lead of Consumer Engagement, Media Innovation & Partnerships for Gap Brand, Gap Inc
  • Beck Besecker, CEO, Marxent Labs - NEW!
  • Nathan Rowe, Offer Manager - NextGen Retail, Motorola Solutions - NEW!

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Every part of the Ecosystem represented – Giving you 6 clear benefits:

By bringing together all parts of the ecosystem, this is the show that enables you to:

  1. Tap into premium market intelligence and learn from the experiences of other trail-blazing businesses
  2. Pick the brains of our expert speakers
  3. Benchmark your progress to date
  4. Identify and hand-pick potential business partners from across the industry
  5. Align strategies
  6. Accelerate your own corporate business objectives
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While others continue to mourn the sales they’re losing to predatory websites, a new breed of innovative retailer is quietly emerging. 

Quite simply, these organizations are gaining first mover advantage by boldly embracing the potential offered by shoppers who come to their stores armed with phones.  They have been swift to recognize that America’s love affair with the smartphone is key to engaging with consumers at every stage of the customer journey... before, during and after every in-store visit. 

And that’s just the start.

By deploying the latest technologies to go beyond an independent mobile channel and deliver a genuinely omni-channel shopping experience, America’s most wised-up retailers are embarking on a path that is designed to drive customer loyalty – and revenue – to unprecedented new heights. 

Now you can join them on the fast track to success

A fact-filled Conference Agenda that will help you ring up new revenue by focusing on six key areas

  1. Location: The next wave of developments in location and positioning technologies, check-ins, location-based advertising and geofences.  Plus walking the fine line between making location customer friendly while avoiding privacy issues – or making customers feel you’re stalking them.
  1. Mobile-enabled signage and advertising: From QR codes, billboards and DOOH, you’ll gain an in-depth briefing on how mobile-enabled adverts stimulate a two-way dialogue that enhances the in-store experience for your customers – and results in significant extra sales plus incremental revenue.
  1. NFC: ABI Research forecasts that by 2016, 70% of NFC tags will be used for smart posters or marketing activities, rather than for payment. Is this the obvious way to create a complete shopping experience, all the way from tap to transaction? 
  1. Loyalty and Couponing: Emarketing reports that over 35 million adults will use mobile coupons next year – and that’s a conservative forecast.  Are coupons the best way to counter showrooming?  How do you tweak your offerings to cement customer loyalty?  And what about POS integration?
  1. Data: Mobile opens the floodgates to an unprecedented amount of consumer data; what they view, indicate interest in, the offers they redeem, even the time of day when they’re most likely to visit your store.  Collecting and utilizing the right data is central to creating the omni-channel experience, and creating uniquely personalized dialogues with consumers. Are you making the most of your data?
  1. The holistic mobile strategy: How to put it all together, instead of weighing in too heavily with a strategy that’s focused on payments on mobile apps.  Learn how to pick and choose the technologies most suited to your organization – the ones that add value throughout the customer purchasing journey and demonstrate an above average ROI.

Don’t delay, secure your place today! 

Quite simply, the show is event designed to help you understand how to adapt your future marketing activities in a way that will attract the new breed of mobile-passionate shoppers, and turn them into loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

You’ll go back to the office with a wealth of ideas about utilizing the technology to ensure your customers truly make the most of every visit – maximizing time spent in the stores as well as the value of the transactions they make.

Mobile Engagement in Retail will show you how to give your shoppers a personalized experience that is the ultimate in customer service, and fosters customer loyalty like never before.  And that’s a promise.

Don’t get left behind!  Reserve your place now for Mobile Engagement in Retail, 13 – 14 September 2012, Denver.  16+ intense hours of networking with the trailblazers in this space to secure the cross-industry partnerships you need to ensure you’re a player in the Mobile Retail bonanza.  

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If you would like to discuss the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.

I look forward to meeting you in Denver this fall! 


Helen Raff Helen Raff
M for Mobile
General Manager
+44 (0) 207 375 7582 (UK)
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Conference at a glance
  • 150+ senior level attendees
  • 16+ hours of intense networking
  • 30+ Industry Leaders delivering key insights
  • Online networking center: Contact all attendees pre and post event
Expert Speakers Include:


sapient nitro







Canadian Tire





Mobey Forum




office depot





AT & T



Advisory Board

Asif Khan

Asif Khan, Founder, LBMA

Mordy Kaplinsky

Mordy Kaplinsky, Co-Founder & SVP Product FonWallet / CEO at Navanu

Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, Business Integration Specialist, AT&T

Cherian Abraham

Cherian Abraham, Mobile Payments & Banking Advisor - Global Consulting Practice, Experian Decision Analytics

Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz, Chair of the Americas, Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF)

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